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Cramer Events offers the Photo Mosaic, a unique feature available across our range of Photo Booths. This innovative tool creates digital and physical mosaics in real-time using photos from Instagram, Twitter, on-site photo booths, and more. The mosaic wall breaks down a main picture into tiles that are colorized event photos, creating a stunning original image.

This interactive experience allows guests to place their photo stickers on the mosaic board or watch the mosaic generation process on a large-screen TV or through a web link. The mosaic is revealed as individual photos from the event, creating a sense of unity and togetherness. Additionally, we offer a 2D/3D version of the mosaic that can be displayed online for guests to view. Join us at Cramer Events and witness the beauty of a mosaic made from your event photos.

What’s Included

3 Hour experience


*Starting from

Have you ever visioned having a mosaic made in real time at an event?

The photo mosaic wall can be hired on its own or paired with any of our selfie mirrors or selfie booths.


The images that are captured with a booth are sent directly to the photo mosaic wall. An adhesive tile is then printed with a grid coordinate which can then be applied to the mosaic grid.

As well as a photo or mirror booth the photo mosaic wall can also add images from relevant #tags like Twitter & Instagram as well a direct upload button via your own microsite.

Cramer Events Corporate Photo Mosaic at The Rochester Corn Exchange for a company away day
Cramer Events Photo Mosaic experience at the Grand Palladium in Croydon London, bride ands groom holding their post wedding mosaic board
Cramer Events Corporate Photo Mosaic at The Rochester Corn Exchange for a company away day

Let’s celebrate!

Looking to book the photo mosaic for your event? Let Cramer Events help create an unforgettable experience! Discover if your desired date is available by checking below.

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