Attraction 360 Video Booth

Step right up to Cramer Events’ revolutionary Attraction 360 Video Booth! Prepare to be amazed as our high-end camera captures seamless 4k 360-degree video footage with just the press of a button. Watch as the arm gracefully rotates around you on a stationary platform, creating a moving, living, and extraordinary experience like no other. 

no need for on-site editors or post-event production, our automated software takes care of all the finishing touches. And that’s not all – our booth’s design boasts a stunning Glass Top with a mirror effect LED panel, creating a mesmerizing illusion of depth. Each 360 video experience is personalized to exceed your expectations, making it quick, easy, and absolutely phenomenal to share on social media. Join us at Cramer Events and prepare for an unforgettable video adventure!

What Is Included

3 Hours Run Time

Experience the thrill of 3 hours of uninterrupted video creation with Cramer Events. Our platform allows you and your guests to join in on capturing unforgettable moments and crafting captivating video experiences. With our seamless technology, the possibilities are endless. Embrace the excitement and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Sensational Effects

Unlock the power of key framing, overlays, intros, outros, and audio, as we work our magic to turn your video bursts into truly unforgettable moments. In just a concise 6-second timeframe, witness the transformative results that will captivate and enthrall your audience. Trust us to elevate your content to new heights and create experiences that will leave a lasting imprint.

Instant Sharing

Share your video content creation in real time live at the event, our software uses intelligent facematch id to locate all the videos you have created during the experience and our gallery returns the results of all the videos your featured in.

Elite experience


*Starting from

✅ 3 Hours Video Run Time
✅ Delivery, Quick Set up and take down of 360 Booth
✅ Unique client experience of recording 360 videos
✅ 4K Video recording for the highest quality videos
✅ High Quality LED Ring Supplied to capture best footage on 360 Platform
✅ Our Video Booth allows for special Video FX post content being created we can render output video with customised effects
✅ Our Attraction 360 booth safely allows up to 4 people to be on the platform at any one time
✅ Fully Attended by Cramer Events Employee for the duration of the hire to assist and encourage guests
✅ VIP red carpet and ropes giving you that extra WOW factor
✅ Included is the option to send your videos via eMail
✅ Props Included (A vast array of sign gesture props)
✅ Customised branded video overlay
✅ Fun Experience guaranteed

Let’s Party!

Looking to book the Attraction 360 Video Booth for your event? Let Cramer Events help create an unforgettable experience! Discover if your desired date is available by checking below.

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